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Uniwheels Group are one of the leading manufacturers of alloy wheels in the European Aftermarket Accessory Division. Based in Germany and Poland, they are one of the largest suppliers of alloy wheels to the OEM Automotive Industry in Europe.

We have been working with them as their UK-based safety stock supplier. That means we’ve been in charge of providing a supply chain service on storage and distribution of alloy wheels – helping to keep vehicles on the road for a number of OEM manufacturers!


Just in time

Uniwheels’ clients require “Just In Time” deliveries to locations across the country, which we deliver from our bespoke warehouse in the heart of Warwickshire. Our warehouse staff actively keep tabs on the locations of all the different SKU’s within the Uniwheels range, to ensure a “First In, First Out” policy is maintained.

We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards when it comes to servicing our clients, and that’s because the personal relationships which we forge with them are at the heart of our business model. In fact, it’s has become the ethos for building growth – not just for ourselves but for all of our customers.

Uniwheels Group have been a client for over 5 years and we are proud to be a small part of the supply chain management of their stock in the UK. We like to think we’ve been a small part of their success too!


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