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Protect Front Line Staff from Covid-19

In April, Santander launched its NHS PPE Project. Top Gear Consumables, with our ability to supply large amounts of high quality, regulation standard PPE, were top of their list as a potential supplier and it was their own project lead, Stewart Ward, who introduced TGC to the government’s Covid-19 PPE Response Team to begin addressing the needs of the National Health Service.

NHS - Our Nations Heroes

A challenge for all

At the end of March, TGC saw an increase in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) orders and consumables from many of it’s valued customers – however this demand did not account for the downturn in our other business areas. Our sister company DV8 Works saw reduced activity as part of the government’s lockdown restrictions, and our specialist 4×4 wheel and tyre company – 4×4 Tyres – had to protect its warehouse staff and office employees by introducing remote working and limited shifts.

It was when working with our bank to secure support through these uncertain and unprecedented times that Top Gear Consumables was identified as a prime example of the kind of business that would be able to help Santander with their own NHS PPE Project; a partnership between Santander and the NHS which involved the securing of trusted suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment and disposable products for the NHS.

Rising to that challenge

With many of our products already conforming to Regulation 2016/425 EN 149:2001+A1:2009 – Related to EC Directive R2016/425, we were able to instantly earmark a huge supply of Personal Protective Equipment specifically for the use of the NHS. Following their initial order – we were able to supply the NHS with a further 4 large scale shipments of PPE.

With the various other challenges being faced by many of our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, we also made it a priority to stock certified regulation items such as hand sanitiser, car seat covers, HDPE 5-1 Protection Kits, FFP2 masks and surgical masks. Our products are CE Certified and FDA Certified, meaning that they meet even the National Health Services strict criteria.

Proud to support our nations heroes - NHS

Serving the NHS

As a proud supplier of Personal Protective Equipment to the National Health Service, we continue to provide them with priority access to all of our available wares. The heroes on our front lines confronting the Covid-19 crisis head-on are in constant need of lifesaving protective equipment – and the partnerships we’ve forged during these trying times ensure we’ll be there to supply them during this crisis and beyond.

Stewart Ward - Business Development Director at Santander UK

Stewart Ward

Business Development Director at Santander UK

“While we saw many businesses pause for thought, Dan & Lee at Top Gear Consumables (TGC) immediately leveraged their entrepreneurial flair and looked at each of their businesses to see how they could adapt to ensure that their business was fully sustainable. They quickly recognised that TGC (suppliers of consumables and PPE to the Automotive industry) could play a part in protecting those in the wider healthcare community. I’m delighted we were able to help TGC directly connect with the government’s Covid-19 PPE response team and within two weeks receive a contract to supply PPE directly to the frontline of the NHS. "

Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson

Director of Top Gear Consumables

“A total of five contracts with the NHS have been won so far, making us one of the largest suppliers of PPE to the NHS during the pandemic – and it’s Santander who has helped the NHS recognise the benefits of dealing with a nimble supplier with market experience. Strategically this has helped position TGC for future negotiations on long term supply post Covid-19.”


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