So, you’ve spotted a gap in the market, or have an idea for an incredible new product that is going to be a game-changer. You know you need to source product and you know it’s likely to be cheaper from overseas – but where and with who? A quick search on Google or Alibaba will surface hundreds of results. It isn’t difficult to find a factory – but it is a much harder task to find the right one – and importantly one you can trust with your product and your money. This can seem a daunting stumbling block for your Big Idea. This is where a sourcing agent like Top Gear Consumables can help.

What is a sourcing agent and what does one do?

For importers that are serious about finding a high-quality supplier and controlling their product quality, sourcing agents could be the easiest answer.
A sourcing or procurement agent is someone who can reach out to a supplier or manufacturer to source the product you need. Sourcing agents are a shortcut to finding your ideal supplier. They cut out all the leg-work that you would have to do and negate a lot of the risk involved in trying a new factory.

At Top Gear Consumables for example, we take the stress out of liaising with overseas manufacturers. We have people on the ground in countries around the world who:
• research and source the best manufacturer for your product
• work directly with the factories speaking the same language and understanding the cultural nuances of working with overseas businesses
• visit factories involved in production to oversee quality and progress on your behalf giving onsite verification
• Give you trustworthy feedback and reporting so you can feel confident
• Handle the local and international import and export paperwork and legalities

Lee Hadley, MD at TGC commented, “The additional cost of using an agent can be offset by the savings you can make when compared with trying to “go it alone’. We can leverage our economies of scale and use our contacts and experience to steer clients away from the inevitable pitfalls and potential scams that make trading overseas a potential minefield. Using a sourcing agent offers a ‘safety net’– from the identification of profitable suppliers, to the negotiation of rates and logistics, an agency like TGC takes care of every step.”

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