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A key factor in any organisation’s success is its ability to source the right products at the right price. Companies spend huge amounts on procurement, so cost savings in this area can have a direct impact on the bottom line. As this is such a broad industry, that can involve a large number of stakeholders, it can often take up masses of time and resources for internal teams. In recent years, TGC have noticed a growing number of companies looking for external assistance in the procurement process to improve productivity and reduce supply chain risk.

Companies of any size can benefit from an outsourced procurement solution, whether that be on a project-by-project basis, or to manage the whole process. With expertise across a broad range of industries, TGC have helped to source everything from branded racing jerseys to latex gloves.

Leveraging our economies of scale means that we can help to reduce overheads, as well as giving internal teams more time to work on projects that can really add value to your business. Our level of service is second to none, so you can be sure that whatever your requirements, we will always deliver the very best in product, service and price.

If you want to see what TGC can achieve, take a look at some of our work below.


Marco Bulatovic (Product Manager)

Groupe Renault

Top Gear Consumables are an absolute pleasure to work with. The team are always proactive and prepared to go the extra mile to deliver what I have requested, particularly paying attention to understanding my objectives. They respond to my requests very promptly and clearly, with promising solutions. Their constant display of positive attitude, cheerfulness, and passion for what they do, whilst delivering the results needed, makes for a great working relationship.

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